CAMP Leadership and Success Institute (CLASI)

CAMP strives to increase member benefits through a variety of education offerings. CAMP is proud to share CAMP's REAL Series. This series of 6 courses will help members grow both personally and professionally. The entire CAMP Leadership and Success Institute consists of 12 courses, half of which are industry focused and the other half focused on personal and professional growth.

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CAMP's Real Series

R - Relationships - 87% of success is relationships - 13% product knowledge (using DISC to know yourself, your team & your client).  

E - Equipping - we can go faster by ourselves but not farther by ourselves.  Learn how Strengthfinders can help you stay in your strength zone so that you can finally equip those around you to achieve great success!

A - Attitude - Your attitude is a choice.  Discover what successful leaders know about attitude!

L - Leadership - Everything rises and falls on leadership. What you need to know to successfully lead yourself, your team, and your business.

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