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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, 2020 deals out a new version of crazy, and this week was no exception.  We’ve watched with dismay the reports of misbehavior and misogyny rearing their ugly heads in our industry. 

The California Association of Mortgage Professionals condemns the recent lewd public comments made by someone considered to be a leader in our industry.  These statements were completely inappropriate and unacceptable.  As mortgage professionals and business leaders, we must stand together to unequivocally support that which elevates us as a group.  We must also loudly challenge that which brings us all down and reflects negatively on our industry.  Our profession is made up of talented, hardworking and ethical business people who serve and maintain leadership roles in our communities.  Making harmful, vulgar and insulting comments tarnishes and diminishes us all. We must disavow them.

CAMP has a proud 30 year history of being an industry leader.  Our members are required to prescribe to an elevated code of ethics and have always worked to set a higher standard for the mortgage industry.  These ethics have often been noted and respected by our regulators.

As an organization, we have worked diligently to bring equality and diversity to the Leadership of CAMP.  Our past three State Presidents have been strong women.  This year we have the most diverse Executive Committee ever.  In addition to our Ethics Committee, we have introduced a Diversity and Community Inclusion Committee who are tasked with outreach so more borrowers know they can achieve the American Dream of home ownership. 

We challenge the mortgage industry to not just say they are outraged but to take steps to ensure that everyone in the profession is held to a higher standard and that bullies are removed from positions of power and leadership.

This quote best reflects our position “We’re not accepting verbal apologies this year, just changed behavior.”

Thank you,

California Association of Mortgage Professionals Leadership


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